The Miss Teen Canada Blog Assignment #3

Create a TV Commercial Treatment for Personalized Towels Sponsor

This is how I visualize my commercial treatment. My theme is creating memories with personalized towels!Every commercial tells a story of some kind. They want to capture their audiences attention and make their product desirable enough to purchase. There are probably many ways to draw people to your product. Maybe it is something they really need or would make their life easier in completing a task. From my experience buying things involves emotions. The feeling you get from purchasing that perfect pageant dress, shoes or my favorite jewelry. Drawing on one’s emotions is probably the first way to grab someones attention. Make them feel good! With a theme of creating memories I will create a story of using one of the most emotionally  filled days. The story will show how personalized towels can help create lasting memories.

Personalized Towels

I am going to tell a story, not just any story, a love story. A story of preparing for a special day. A wedding day and how personalized towels can help create memories!

Setting the Mood: With Beyonce singing Etta James “At Last”. Setting the tone for a beautiful story of love at last. This is an all time favorite love song! Sang by Beyonce at the Presidential Inaugural Ball for President Obama and First Lady Michelle. Actually once sang from the president himself during a Television interview. This song creates the ambiance of creating lasting memories!

Every Commercial needs to convey a message : Opening credits introducing “Creating Memories with Personalized Towels.


Opening Scene: Picture a couple in Love. Finding your one true love. Making the promise of a lifetime. Every little girls dreams of meeting that special person.

Your One True Love

There is a lot of planning in a wedding and one of the most important are the wedding rings, the rings symbolizes the couples love and commitment.

“A circle unending, complete and unbroken,
Exchanged in the moment love’s promise is spoken.”

 A visual of a beautiful wedding dress. Buying that special dress, that makes every girl feel like she is living a fairytale. A grown that will let her shine, all well making her day more memorable! Reminding future viewers of the emotions involved in preparing for the big day, helps build anticipation.



Picture: Two people preparing to become one. Preparing to making memories for years to come!


The invitations are ready to share with family and friends. Creating more beautiful memories for the people they love.


The perfect place has been chosen to share their memorable day with family and loved ones.


Flash to the company Logo advertising. 

Make their day more memorable with  personalized towels.

Here is where I would showcase all the personalized towels and ways these personalized towels can create memories for their special day. Some of the examples would be to make a beautiful wedding cakes out of towels. These cakes can be displayed during the reception adding beauty to the dinner event. Another way to create memories is through giving your guests personalized towels made into decorative keepsakes for memories for the wedding guests. Who wouldn’t want to have something practical and beautiful as a way to capture this special day! Brides could request personalized towels as a part of their wedding registry. Weathered monogrammed with their initials, just married or commemorating their wedding date, personalized towels help in creating lasting memories!







Next I would showcase the bride with the special ladies in her life. What better way to show the bridesmaids and maid of honor how important they are to the bride by personalizing  towels for each of them.


Here I would show all the of the joy experienced in sharing this day with life long friends. All showcasing personalized towels.


Create lasting memories by showing fancy towel origami with personalized towels. A special way of creating those memories.

I would prepare for ending the commercial by showing a beautiful sunset. A image of endless possibility.

I would show these two images of the empty chairs and the pair of sandy feet, symbolizing that this could be someone elses story.


Creating Memories with your personalized towels!

This is how I visual this coming together. Hope you enjoy!

I had so much fun creating a TV commercial treatment for personalized towels sponsor!!!

Shelby LePage xoxo

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Written by: Shelby LePage

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  1. Good job! Great gift idea!

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