IMG_3917I had a great time volunteering to help pack meals for less advantaged kids within my community.  The starfish pack program helps feed over 250 kids in Abbotsford!! The Abbotsford food bank created this program in response to teachers hearing the cry of their students.  Teachers were heartbroken to hear their students were coming to class Monday morning hungry, reporting that they had not eaten over the weekend. This wonderful program provides kids with two breakfasts, two lunches, two dinners, and snacks to ensure kids aren’t going hungry over the weekend and are at their full potential when attending school on Monday. Teachers have reported improvements in children’s reading skills, math skills, ability to focus and to do partner work. 

We often get sucked into our daily routines of waking up in the morning and coming downstairs to a table full of breakfast food, not realzing that many children do not have such a luxery. Being able to donate my time towards an amazing cause like this was so moving, and uplifting to know I was helping take part in providing a child with meals for the weekend.

The Parable of the Starfish

On the morning after a violent storm, the residents of a seaside village awoke to find their beach covered with hundreds of dying starfish which had washed ashore.

As the community gathered at the end of the beach, they spoke in hushed tones about the great sadness of the disaster. Suddenly, a young girl ran towards the beach and began to pick the starfish one at a time, then throwing them back into the water.

A village elder walked towards the young girl and kindly said, “Child, there are hundreds of starfish on this beach and this must be happening on other beaches up and down the coast. You must understand that you alone can’t possibly make a difference.”

The little girl looked up at the old man, smiled and bent down to pick another starfish. As she threw it back into the sea, she replied, “I made a huge difference to that one!” –  Author Unknown

The cost of sending a back pack home over the weekend for a whole year is only $525. To find out more information about the starfish pack program visit:

Miss Teenage Southern British Columbia xx

Written by: Alexis

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