On June 10 I was fortunate enough to put on a self-esteem & self confidence workshop at Abbotsford Senior High School.

I worked with the junior grade 9 & 10 girls of the Integrated Studies Program (ISP) at Abby. This program is unique from just the regular method of teaching, because it involves the kids to be in only one classroom, with the same classmates, with one main teacher for the duration of the year.

The girls I worked with said they succeed in this work environment because they are able to give their undivided attention to their work without having the distractions of a ‘regular’ class system.


I was inspired to do a workshop with these girls because I personally know the struggles and challenges a young teen girl is faced with when entering high school. We played some ice breaker games to ensure that our space was safe and private. We then started off the workshop with talking about perception, how we label others without getting to genuinely know them first. I showed this by volunteering myself by allowing the girls to say what they thought when they looked at me. They were asked questions such as: ‘ Raise your hand if you think Alexis was popular in school’ , ‘Raise your hand if you think Alexis has never been bullied’, ect. Then after words I told the girls true details about my life and the challenges and hardships I have gone through. This made them realize how wrong you can be about a person by assuming their life simply by their looks.

We covered all sorts of topics such as self worth, confidence, societal challenges, bullying, stigmas, and friends. I helped the girls understand if they surround themselves with positive people, and obtain a positive mind state, personal success will come to them.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with the girls, and have been asked to return in the fall to do another workshop!


Keeping positive,

Miss Teenage Southern British Columbia x


Written by: Alexis

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