This year I had the pleasure of attending the 30th annual BC Child Run!

I volunteered as a spirit day leader to help boost the 6,910 participants that attended! (A new record for attendance) The run was held in Vancouver with the course weaving throughout blocked off streets and parks. I was so thrilled to see the amazing amount of


energy and excitement in the crowd and even as the participants were running! For many of the kids I talked to they were doing this run because someone they knew had been in or were currently in BC Children’s Hospital. It was very moving to see the passion and strength that some of the families had. Many were wearing t-shirts of children that they were running for.

The great thing about this event is there was an option to do either a 1km walk, or a 5km run. Giving people of all physical shape the possibility to participate!

The run’s purpose is to raise money & awareness to help fight against childhood cancer. This year an amazing amount of $1 million was raised!! The funds will go towards research and treatment areas for BC Children’s Hospital.

Save the date for next years run: June, 5 2016!!!!

Miss Teen Southern British Columbia xx

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I had such a wonderful experience volunteering at the Ronald McDonald house at Vancouver Children’s Hospital.
Being able to spend the day with children that are constantly surrounded with hardship and worry, it was extremely touching to be someone that could allow them to escape for a few hours from their current situations.

The House is only a few years old, providing rooms to 73 families, which was at full capacity when I visited. I was so thrilled to see all the services that were available for the children such as games rooms, arts and crafts, basketball courts, sports gear, bicycles, ect. The children were filled with such joy and happiness, which was so inspiring to see that their situations are not having full control over their lives.

I wanted to do something special for the kids, so I created goodie bags filled with colouring books, crayons, bubbles, magic towels, and a polaroid picture keepsake of the child and myself. Something special from the heart, which brought many smiles to their faces!
It brought such happiness to me to be able to do something kind to show that these children are not forgotten, and their battles are inspiring to ones inner strength.


Overall, the day was very inspirational and moving and I hope to return in the future!

Miss Teen Southern British Columbia xx

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For the last month, I have been working together with Shaw TV Nanaimo on creating a segment focussing on the topic of self esteem within young girls. I had the great pleasure of attending one of Angela Slade’s Esteemed CHICS camps over spring break. I had such an amazing time speaking with and getting to know the lovely girls at the Esteemed CHIC’s program, and was welcomed with open arms. This wonderful program helps girls realize the pressures that today’s media & society puts on us at a young age and how we can learn to diagnose and interpret them, and not have a negative effect on our self-esteem!

I personally got to work with the girls and talk with them about their self esteem and how we can help keep ourselves feeling strong and confident! Once we all introduced ourselves and the girls learned a little more about myself, and what I stand for, I got them to do an exercise where they each had a piece of paper and wrote down 5 things:

1. My name is ________.

2. My favourite thing to do is _________.

3. What makes me happy is_______.

4. What I love about myself is_________.

5. I will never forget that I am____(ex.Strong, loving, kind).

I then got each girl to read out loud what they had written about themselves, and told them to keep their piece of paper somewhere special to them. And that whenever they are having a bad day, or a day filled with self doubt, to look at it and never forget these five these five things.

We ended our day by a game of capture the flag, and playing on the jungle gym. This was such a wonderful program, and an amazing experience to be able to take apart of. I hope that I impacted these girls lives as much as they did mine.

Find below the final segment that aired on Shaw TV, and once again a huge thanks to Derek and Fiona for believing in me and helping me accomplish this.

 Esteemed Girls


Spread love and kindness everywhere you go & be kind to one another,


Alexis <3

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Hello Everyone!
I aMiss Teenage Southern British Columbia 2015m an outgoing, driven women who believes you can achieve any goal with passion and dedication. I am a natural born leader with a caring heart. Passionate about helping others, and mental health, I am currently working on my degree at becoming a clinical psychologist at Vancouver Island University. Once I have completed my degree I plan to open my own practice, and specialize in counselling children & trauma cases. My passion to help others and offer emotional support sparked from my own personal struggles in which I received these forms of help, resulting in me to have an extremely positive change in my life. My other passions include a love for theatre and sports. Theatre performance has been a huge part in my life and has enabled me to express myself while doing something I love. I am also a well rounded athlete and love to participate in activities such as: soccer, long distance running, yoga, hiking, and kayaking. I am an honour roll student who has received awards in the areas of science, drama, public speaking, and citizenship.

Mentoring children for three years with the Kiwanis Club’s Reading Buddies Program, working with children of lower reading levels, I have helped them rebuild their self confidence with their learning abilities and within themselves. My goal is to promote individualism and spread awareness of the importance of having a strong sense of self-worth and confidence. I hope to inspire girls and enable them to be proud of who they are. Miss Teenage Southern British Columbia 2015

Being crowned Miss Teenage Southern British Columbia is by far one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I am so thrilled to be given this amazing opportunity to make a huge impact on the lives of those who need it. Throughout the next several months I will be attending community events and fundraising organizations to promote my platform. I look forward to the exciting chapters that lie ahead and look forward to sharing this special experience with you!


Miss Teenage Southern British Columbia 2015

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me this far, and continues to support me throughout this wonderful journey.

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Every girl has that princess like feature somewhere within them, and if you ever thought or dreamt of becoming a model, there are chances out there which allow you to not just dream it but live it! The chance is here.


This is the sister competition to the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant and is a pageant I would recommend for you to join if you carry the passion for modeling! Modeling is usually considered walking on the runway, with a fierce face, wearing a designer dress, with heels, and cameras flashing at your face. To be honest, that was me too! Though, my whole perspective on pageants and the stereotype on pageants broke very soon after I joined my first pageant, The Miss Teenage Canada pageant! Being a model is having confidence in yourself. When you see a model walking down the runway with that fierce or smiling face, that proves the amount of confidence she has in herself. Over confidence is never good. Too much of anything is never good, but they have that confidence to be role model. Something else I love about pageants and something you can expect from this competition is gaining friendship. All of your other “competitors” are support factors and encourage each other. There was not one day where I felt, or I made anyone feel like I am superior. Everyone is so selfless and pageantry gives you a strong sisterhood. They are all sisters who you can count on and will last a lifetime.

The Top Model Search Canada opens up opportunities to 40 potential models who are nationally selected. Besides gaining confidence, inspiration, and friends this competition allows you to travel out of the country, representing your country! Places in Asia, Europe, and South America! You are sent to international competition franchises and modeling opportunities around the world. Models have been taken to Brazil, Poland, Korea, Spain and so much more! You receive a series of photo-shoots with well known photographers and will be able to build a portfolio with the help of your own personal agent! You will improve as a model, on the runway, in front of the camera and other areas. You will be featured in magazines, have TV and red carpet appearances. You will also receive $15,000 as a prize including cash and gifts!

There are some physical and mental requirements. The competition looks for girls who have a personality, drive, intelligence, inner beauty, outer beauty, and of course enjoys performing on stage! You need to be between 17-26 years and have to be 5’7 or over to apply. You do not need any professional photos or any experience in modeling! It’s truly an experience you will keep with you for the rest of your life. Just like how I am carrying my Miss Teenage Canada experience forever.

You can apply now!! Email and take to first step to achieving your dreams! You can also find more information on their Facebook page:
Or their website:

“The biggest adventure you take is to live the life of your dreams”
-Oprah Winfrey

I suggest you take on that adventure now, and do what you’ve dreamt of doing!!

Good Luck ❤



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When I realized that such things as child exploitation, world hunger, child labor, and lack of a child’s education existed I was heart broken. Though, I was equally motivated to strive to make a difference in our world.

I personally never thought to become a delegate of Miss Teenage Canada, let alone being crowned Miss Teenage Canada! Though, I must say it still is a dream come true for me. It still remains a dream come true for me because of the opportunities the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant gives me and allows me to experience. Miss Teenage Canada gives me a platform to lend my hand out to people who are living in danger, in reality. All of the delegates have fundraised for Free The Children, that alone is an honor for anyone to be donating to make a difference. It really allows me to voice out my opinions and my strong beliefs. It allows me to represent my country! This pageant has given so much to the delegates and does so many things to the nation. These and so many more reasons are why Miss Teenage Canada is the largest teen competition in Canada. These and so many more reasons are why becoming Miss Teenage Canada is every teenager’s dream.
Why wouldn’t anyone want to become Miss Teenage Canada? There is no reason I’ve discovered! 😛

The Miss Teenage Canada pageant began in 1969 and nationals was always held in Toronto, Ontario. It was originally considered a beauty competition for teenagers around Canada from the ages 14 to 17 and was televised on CTV.  In 1972 it was renamed as Miss Teen Canada and was sponsored by A&W Drive Ins and as well as Cleo Productions for most of the years. In late 1990, some financial concerns caused the pageant to discontinue.
After many years, a lot of pageants came about in Canada and many “Teen Canada Pageants” started. Though in 2008 Miss Teenage Canada started again with the producer Michelle Weswaldi as Miss Teen Canada-World! Just this year, 2014 the pageant was renamed once again due to the confusion with other pageants. It is now Miss Teenage Canada.

This is Katie Starke, she was Miss Teenage Canada in 2008.

This is Siera Bearchell, she was Miss Teenage Canada in 2009.

This is Channing Killi Smendziuk, she was Miss Teenage Canada in 2010.

This is Lauren Howe, she was Miss Teenage Canada in 2011.

This is Megha Sandhu, she was Miss Teenage Canada in 2012.

This is Jillian Martin, she was Miss Teenage Canada in 2013.

These are pictures of some of the amazing and ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities previous winners have accomplished.

This was Megha Sandhu, Miss Teenage Canada 2012 speaking during We Day!

This was Siera Bearchell, Miss Teenage Canada
2009 in Kenya helping the people there!


This was Lauren Howe, Miss Teenage Canada 2011 representing Canada in India
and helping the people there!

This is Jillian Martin, Miss Teenage Canada
2013 who is dropping the puck at the
Saskatoon Blades game!

Now, this is Miss Teenage Canada 2014!
This successful pageant really brings confidence to girls who inspire others and are role models for all the other girls. Each year about 70 delegates are chosen and even if only one girl comes out wearing the crown and sash for Miss Teenage Canada, the pageant brings a type of joy, happiness, and confidence for all participants which makes everyone truly, a winner. I have already experienced the confidence, joy, and happiness and I am ready to share it with the world whether I become Miss Teenage Canada or not!




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Welcome back to my blog everyone! 😀

Recently I gained 3 wonderful sponsors, a photographer and 2 makeup and hair artists.
Taran Rai is a photographer who is a Fine Art  and portrait photographer.
Her photography includes newborns, children, families, women, pets, and real estate.
When I was searching for a photo studio, Taran Rai Photography really stood out for me because of Taran Rai’s reasoning to capture photographs and purpose to be a photographer. As she states on her website,  “There is no greater form of gratitude and fulfillment I have received then watching a client’s eyes filled with tears of joy, followed by a rich and strong belief and affirmation in herself. I wish for all my female clients to experience the gift of being proud, being beautiful, and being a woman.”
She is a very talented and a humble, kind, and generous photographer. I would 100% recommend her to any customer. Thank You Taran Rai! 🙂

Also a very big thank you to Davie Rai for doing my makeup and hair for my Lifestyle photo-shoot, and to Vi Sekhon for doing my makeup and hair for my Classical photo-shoot. Both of them are talented artists and have amazing creative and artistic abilities!

Here is a youtube link to all of the photos taken during these photoshoots.

Here are some of their contacting links,

Taran Rai:

Davie Rai:

Vi Sekhon:

♥ ❤ Thank You for reading, stay tuned until my next blog! ♥ ❤

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  My first blog post as Miss Teen Southern British Columbia, here it is!

Hi everyone, I am Aashritha and believe it or not, I am your new Miss Teen Southern BC! Every time I introduce myself to anyone after March 2nd I get butterflies in my stomach! Why? Because everything is still so surreal since I came to know I will be participating in the provincial event in early March and even when I was crowned! Am I dreaming, because this really is a dream come true! I am currently 14 years old and come from an Indian background. My mother and father are South Indian and I was born  in a city in India called Hyderabad! I am an only child, it use to bother me when I was younger but I have 9 very dear cousins whom are like siblings to me. Although, I rarely get to see them as they all live around the world but I have my friends who are very supportive. I’ve met most of my friends in school, but some I’ve met in a local organization. They all encourage me to strive for the greatest and help me reach my goals.

Speaking of my goals, I have a strong belief in my platform. I think my platform can be achieved even if it’s just me or the entire world. Since I do believe that one and everyone can make a difference! I have participated in many speech fests and inter-school competitions.  I have spoke about subjects from earthquakes to global warming. I believe the Earth is the home and habitat for everyone on the Earth, and we must all work together to save the planet since saving the planet is like saving ourselves! Just about a year ago was my last speech contest, in which I won first place! It was a topic which I knew about before but during the time when I was constructing my speech I was very connected.  When I was presenting the speech I honestly forgot there was an audience watching me, I even forgot I was part of a competition! Weird huh? But I believe it was because my speech was not just writing on paper, it was really what was inside of me. It was not me presenting, it was my heart speaking! Winning first place in that competition really didn’t matter to me because even if I wasn’t a finalist at least I found myself and the words of my heart are out! That’s what really matters. By now I bet you’re very curious, about what that topic is? World Hunger.

Swimming is also one of my interests. I started swimming when I first came to Canada, I was around 7 years old. There are 10 levels to swimming and I finished my 10 levels in 3 years. Since then I’ve really missed swimming since I didn’t swim as much as I did when I had lessons. Though last year I discovered a program that was appropriate for my age! Summer last year, I finished my first level ( Bronze Cross ) for swimming! I have 3 more levels to go and when I am 16 years of age I can lifeguard. Lifeguarding caught my attention because there is something so positive associated to what I love doing, since you can save lives!

My biggest passion is dancing. DANCE DANCE DANCE. I usually do 13-15 performances per year. Dancing gives me the chance to represent who I am, how I feel, and majorly my culture. I started dancing when I was five. I concentrate on a Indian Classical dance form called Bharatanatyam, which has been around for 5000 years. This dance form was originated in South India and can only be passed down generations from person to person. Bharatanatyam is a type of dance where the dancer dances the story of the gods and goddesses in my culture. I celebrate festivals in this dance and much more! When I am not practicing my Bharatanatyam I am practicing my Bollywood form of dance.  Last year there was a popular Bollywood awards ceremony held in Vancouver, where all the Bollywood cinema’s actors and film makers came. It was called TOIFA. I auditioned to participate as a background dancer and was chosen. I got the opportunity to dance with a actress named Priyanka Chopra, who is also well known in the music industry! It was a very exciting experience.

My family are the people who are the most dear to me. My cousins whom I’ve mentioned earlier, my aunts and uncles, my grandparents, and of course my parents. Without them in my life I do not know where I would be, and how I could help others. They are my encouragement, motivation, and inspiration. They are the reason and the people behind who I am today. I want to thank them all for their patience, support, encouragement, and love.

I am very excited for the upcoming year, nationals, and my future!

Stay tuned!


Written by: Aashritha
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