Hi,everyone I am Millie! For thoes of you who don’t know me, here is a little bit of into about me:

I am currently a high school sutdent at Magee Secondary School and a ballet dancer at  Goh Ballet Academy. This March, I won the title ‘Miss Teen Soutnern British Columbia’. It was really unbelievable! In July, I will go to Toronto to participate in the Miss Teen Canada 2012 – World pageant.

I was born in Suzhou, China in 1995. I started ballet training when I was four years old. At the beginning it was really difficult, and I had to stretch everyday to relieve the pain. When I was ten years old, i won my first gold award. I love ballet so much – I will never abandon it! When i was fifteen, I came to Canada with my parents. Actually I think we made a good decision. I love Canada. It is such a beautiful country and the people are friendly. Many people, even some i had never net before, helped me to settle in. When I first came to Canada, I barely spoke any English but noe (almost one and half years later) I can have regular conversations!

I’ve been a ballet dancer at the Goh Ballet Academy since I came to Canada. I have learned s lot from the teachers, and the students there. Last September, I performed with Goh Ballet Academy as part pf a five – city tour of China. Our performances wew successful and the audiences were really enthusiastic. Also during the trip, we saw the Great Wall of China. It was an amazing experience!

Now, I am looking forward to the pageant in Toronto. I believe it will be a challenge … but also an interesting and exciting experience!

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Written by: Millie Rong

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Millie. Single spaced posts please and align your photo to the right or left so text can flow around it – like in a magazine. write more

  2. I can’t wait to see your talent at the pageant!

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