11781725_479317295578595_1597386874681005016_nI had the pleasure of being The Keg steakhouse’s VIP host for their outside VIP lounge at the Honda Celebration of lights! I greeted the guests giving them wrist bands and drink tickets and answered any questions they may of had regarding the event! The Keg staff was extremely welcoming and I sincerely enjoyed my time volunteering. 11013525_479317252245266_2280362463779874841_n
This is the largest event in British Columbia with over 1 million people attending. The Honda Celebration of Light is an annual musical fireworks competition held every summer in Vancouver, Canada since 1990. Three companies representing their country perform a 25 minute fireworks display set to accompanying music. This competition is cited as being the longest-running offshore fireworks competition in the world.

The competitors are judged by a panel comprised of industry experts, sponsor representatives and celebrities, using the following criteria:

  • Sizing of the Show: 10 Points
  • Overall Design and Artistry: 30 Points
  • Synchronization:  20 Points
  • Originality of Effects: 15 Points
  • Quality of Soundtrack: 15 Points
  • Quality of Fireworks: 10 Points

This year China, Brazil, and Canada competing! China absolutely blew me away with their performance and I cannot wait to see what the other countries have in store 🙂


Miss Teenage Southern British Columbia 2015 xx

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