My first blog post as Miss Teen Southern British Columbia, here it is!

Hi everyone, I am Aashritha and believe it or not, I am your new Miss Teen Southern BC! Every time I introduce myself to anyone after March 2nd I get butterflies in my stomach! Why? Because everything is still so surreal since I came to know I will be participating in the provincial event in early March and even when I was crowned! Am I dreaming, because this really is a dream come true! I am currently 14 years old and come from an Indian background. My mother and father are South Indian and I was born  in a city in India called Hyderabad! I am an only child, it use to bother me when I was younger but I have 9 very dear cousins whom are like siblings to me. Although, I rarely get to see them as they all live around the world but I have my friends who are very supportive. I’ve met most of my friends in school, but some I’ve met in a local organization. They all encourage me to strive for the greatest and help me reach my goals.

Speaking of my goals, I have a strong belief in my platform. I think my platform can be achieved even if it’s just me or the entire world. Since I do believe that one and everyone can make a difference! I have participated in many speech fests and inter-school competitions.  I have spoke about subjects from earthquakes to global warming. I believe the Earth is the home and habitat for everyone on the Earth, and we must all work together to save the planet since saving the planet is like saving ourselves! Just about a year ago was my last speech contest, in which I won first place! It was a topic which I knew about before but during the time when I was constructing my speech I was very connected.  When I was presenting the speech I honestly forgot there was an audience watching me, I even forgot I was part of a competition! Weird huh? But I believe it was because my speech was not just writing on paper, it was really what was inside of me. It was not me presenting, it was my heart speaking! Winning first place in that competition really didn’t matter to me because even if I wasn’t a finalist at least I found myself and the words of my heart are out! That’s what really matters. By now I bet you’re very curious, about what that topic is? World Hunger.

Swimming is also one of my interests. I started swimming when I first came to Canada, I was around 7 years old. There are 10 levels to swimming and I finished my 10 levels in 3 years. Since then I’ve really missed swimming since I didn’t swim as much as I did when I had lessons. Though last year I discovered a program that was appropriate for my age! Summer last year, I finished my first level ( Bronze Cross ) for swimming! I have 3 more levels to go and when I am 16 years of age I can lifeguard. Lifeguarding caught my attention because there is something so positive associated to what I love doing, since you can save lives!

My biggest passion is dancing. DANCE DANCE DANCE. I usually do 13-15 performances per year. Dancing gives me the chance to represent who I am, how I feel, and majorly my culture. I started dancing when I was five. I concentrate on a Indian Classical dance form called Bharatanatyam, which has been around for 5000 years. This dance form was originated in South India and can only be passed down generations from person to person. Bharatanatyam is a type of dance where the dancer dances the story of the gods and goddesses in my culture. I celebrate festivals in this dance and much more! When I am not practicing my Bharatanatyam I am practicing my Bollywood form of dance.  Last year there was a popular Bollywood awards ceremony held in Vancouver, where all the Bollywood cinema’s actors and film makers came. It was called TOIFA. I auditioned to participate as a background dancer and was chosen. I got the opportunity to dance with a actress named Priyanka Chopra, who is also well known in the music industry! It was a very exciting experience.

My family are the people who are the most dear to me. My cousins whom I’ve mentioned earlier, my aunts and uncles, my grandparents, and of course my parents. Without them in my life I do not know where I would be, and how I could help others. They are my encouragement, motivation, and inspiration. They are the reason and the people behind who I am today. I want to thank them all for their patience, support, encouragement, and love.

I am very excited for the upcoming year, nationals, and my future!

Stay tuned!


Written by: Aashritha

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