With the Miss Teenage British Columbia 2016 regional pageant approaching in a few days,IMG_3105 a delegate will be crowned the new Miss Teenage Southern British Columbia 2016. Though my reign will be moving on, my memories and experiences I have had as your Miss Teenage Southern British Columbia 2015 will forever stay.

2015 was a very full year  filled with new journeys and adventures! After the regional crowning, I was motivated and eager to begin this new chapter in my life. My main goal was to promote awareness about the importance of having a strong sense of self-esteem and self confidence in oneself and work with girls around the province to help do so. I wanted to use my title to solely create more opportunities in which I could help people. Though I am extremely happy with the amounts of volunteer work I was IMG_2211able to do, in and outside of my community, my main achievement was the creation of my self-esteem workshops: ” Confidence in ME.”

Over the past year I have been working with girls ages 8-19 around the province providing workshops that have the tools and techniques  that one needs to help build up their self-esteem. My workshops focus on a wide range of topics from: Body image, social anxiety, mental illness, sexuality, motivation, Academic performance, Relationships, etc. It is very important to me that I focus my attention on issues girls of all ages are facing on a daily basis. We live in such an individualistic society, that we generally tend to feel we are alone in our struggles, when in fact if we open up and acknowledge what we’re going through; we soon realize that many others feel the same way too. After my first couple of workshops, I received such positive feedback that my high school asked me to come on a monthly basis to do them. Though these workshops blossomed out of my title, I will be continuing to run/offer them for the years to come as I am going into the career field of working with and counselling people.

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Besides from my workshop, I would like to reflect on some of the amazing charity events, and fundraisers I held & attended in 2015:

  • Workshop with psychologist Angela Slade and her ‘Esteemed CHICS’ camp
  •  Segment with Shaw TV Nanaimo on Self Esteem & Miss Teenage Canada
  • Volunteering at the BC Children’s Hospital Ronald McDonald house
  • Volunteering as a spirit leader at the BC Children’s Hospital Child Run
  • ‘CUTS FOR KIDS’  Free The Children Fundraiser with Shear Performance Barbershop
  • Volunteering with Abbotsford Community’s ‘Star Fish Pack Program’ to make lunches for less advantaged families
  • VIP Host at the 2015 Honda Celebration of Lights
  • Volunteering at BC McHappy Day with the Mayor of Abbotsford

Being your Miss Teenage Southern British Columbia has been such a fabulous journey. I am so proud of my achievements, such as placing 1st Runner Up for Miss Teenage Canada, and the substantial impact I was able to make in my community in just one short year. IMG_5590Being given the opportunity to be a role model for young girls all across the country is what holding this title truly meant for me. Though this chapter has come to an end, I am excited to see what the future holds for not only me, but the flourishing of my workshops.

I would once again like to say a final thank-you to ALL of those who showed their love and support throughout this ENTIRE experience. I would never have been able to come as far as I did without the help of each and every one of you. I encourage you all to follow your dreams and never hold back. You are capable  of achieving ANYTHING you want; it all starts with being confident and believing in yourself! Happy girls shine brighter<3

Love Always,

Alexis G.
Miss Teenage Southern British Columbia 2015


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