For the last month, I have been working together with Shaw TV Nanaimo on creating a segment focussing on the topic of self esteem within young girls. I had the great pleasure of attending one of Angela Slade’s Esteemed CHICS camps over spring break. I had such an amazing time speaking with and getting to know the lovely girls at the Esteemed CHIC’s program, and was welcomed with open arms. This wonderful program helps girls realize the pressures that today’s media & society puts on us at a young age and how we can learn to diagnose and interpret them, and not have a negative effect on our self-esteem!

I personally got to work with the girls and talk with them about their self esteem and how we can help keep ourselves feeling strong and confident! Once we all introduced ourselves and the girls learned a little more about myself, and what I stand for, I got them to do an exercise where they each had a piece of paper and wrote down 5 things:

1. My name is ________.

2. My favourite thing to do is _________.

3. What makes me happy is_______.

4. What I love about myself is_________.

5. I will never forget that I am____(ex.Strong, loving, kind).

I then got each girl to read out loud what they had written about themselves, and told them to keep their piece of paper somewhere special to them. And that whenever they are having a bad day, or a day filled with self doubt, to look at it and never forget these five these five things.

We ended our day by a game of capture the flag, and playing on the jungle gym. This was such a wonderful program, and an amazing experience to be able to take apart of. I hope that I impacted these girls lives as much as they did mine.

Find below the final segment that aired on Shaw TV, and once again a huge thanks to Derek and Fiona for believing in me and helping me accomplish this.

 Esteemed Girls


Spread love and kindness everywhere you go & be kind to one another,


Alexis <3

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