Osoyoos known for Canada’s only desert and home of some the the most endangered habitats and species of animals. Osoyoos is British Columbia’s hotspot, with the warmest lake in Canada, beautiful sandy beaches, camping, award winning wineries and resorts. And a regular snowbird destination. Rattlesnake canyon is  where  families go to place for fun and amusement.

Rattle Snake Canyon, in the town of Osoyoos is one idea for fun things to do on summer vacations. There are few Okanagan Valley amusement park centers that have this variety of activities.Rattlesnake Canyon is a western mining town themed amusement park. Located at 5502 Main Street, a block away from Osoyoos Lake and many campsites and hotels, Rattlesnake Canyon has been entertaining thousands of locals and tourists since it opened in 1998. If you’re looking excitement Rattlesnake Canyon is filled with lots of entertaining attractions for the whole family.

You might want to start off taking a climb on the climbing wall. There are 5 different rock wall faces that climbers can try out. It’s a 35 foot rock climbing wall, and once they get to the top, they ring the bell. Can be a challenge, but lots of fun.

Also a favorite for kids is the Bungee Tree.Kids can challenge their acrobatics skills. Kid’s are strapped in well, and bounce on the bungee tree with a trampoline beneath them. There is a 36″ minimum height restriction on the bungee tree.

If your getting hot and are looking to cool down. You might want to take a ride on the bumper boats. Be prepared you gonna get wet! Kids must be a certain height for some of the rides. 40″ minimum height for the bumper boats.

To help you dry off, you can take a twill on the Tumble Whirl.This ride will sure to make you smile – and maybe a bit dizzy.The tumble whirl ride has a 46″ minimum height restriction. They have a little trick with one of the 7 cars spin so you can feel the g forces take you away.

One of my all time favorite rides when I was little, is the swing. Not like your average swing at the park. This one flies high over top with amazing views. The Tornado feels awesome on a hot summer day feeling the warm breeze on your skin.

You have probably worked up an appetite from having so much fun. If you’re getting hungry you can stop by the concession and treat yourself to Mini Donuts, Hot Dogs, Fries, Chicken Strips, Zucchini Sticks, Pizza, Hot Pretzels, Chips, Cotton Candy, Kettle Corn, Chips, or a cool drink.

If you’re looking for something the whole family can do. Try a round of mini golf. Enjoy the challenging 18 hole mini golf course. Its like taking an adventure through a mountain with a cascading waterfall that runs into a river that you have to walk over bridges to get to the other side. A vulture circles one of the mountain peaks, keeping an eye on things below.

The arcade is another way to cool down from the hot desert sun as it is located inside the bottom of the mountain. This is a 1500 sq. ft arcade with over 30 games to play and hours of fun.


Where all of my family and friends like to spend time is at the Go Karts. Rattle Snake Canyon offers this challenging layout, overpass, spectacular backdrop and high performance cars, is probably the most unique go kart track in all of British Columbia and has been immensely popular with visitors of all ages. Whether you want to ride in one of the powerful single carts or a double cart, you will love it.

Take a virtual tour of the Go Karts at Rattle Snake Canyon!

Probably the most famous and busiest attractions at Rattle Snake Canyon is the the ice cream parlor located in a replica of an old dutch windmill. This Osoyoos landmark since 1974, was originally  a 36 seat teahouse, with a gift shop and stone grinding flour mill. Today it is the best Ice Cream in Osoyoos! With 48 Flavors of ice cream and sherbets there is sure to be a favorite for everyone. Mine is Rasberry Sherbert!

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