When you are born in Canada, it is not only an honour, but a privilege. This beautiful country has so much to offer in terms of freedom, progress, and opportunity. I personally always try to count my blessings that I was born in a country that allows me to reach my full potential and follow my dreams in both the areas of education and careers. Canada is the second largest country in the world with one of the highest number of immigrants. This offers an extremely diverse culture, making us unique from other countries. I love the diversity in Canada because you are constantly learning about different religions, lifestyles, and languages which helps you grow as a person and gain different perspectives of the world.


Wether it be skiing in the rocky mountains, or swimming in the great lakes, Canada offers an endless list of outdoor activities. We have the most lakes than any other country in the world. Our beautiful mountains allow us to do activities such as hiking and biking, caving, and even rock climbing. Our beautiful outdoors is also accompanied by a wide variety of animals ranging from cougars, bears, salmon, mountain lions, deer, moose, polar bears and of coarse beavers. Our passions lie in Hockey and maple syrup.IMG_3801 However, apart from the amazing outdoors, Canada is also great for it’s world renowned reputation. Surveys show Canadians are the most liked ‘tourists’ in any other parts of the world. We a known for our kindness, appreciation, openness, understanding, and manners, whoops I’m Sorry! This alone makes me so proud to be Canadian because I could not imagine representing a country the supports war, violence, crime, and unjust laws. We are the creators of Peace Keeping (Lester Pearson) which has helped saved the lives of millions of refugees and helped end wars. We are also members of the United Nations without any hesitation to join. Canada is by far one of the most amazing countries when it comes to the protection of it’s people, and looking out for the citizens best interests.


On that note, Canada does not discriminate towards others. On July 20, 2005 Canada became the fourth Country in the world and FIRST outside of Europe to legalize same sex marriage nation wide. We also have one of the easiest immigration laws to help allow immigrants to come and start a better life without the fear of being rejected. Though I am not an immigrant myself, it is extremely important to me that I live in a country that wants to help better peoples lives and give them opportunity. Because I am blessed with being given the opportunity to attend post-secondary education regardless of my sex, family history, or race. Canada is the worlds most educated country, over half of Canadians have college degrees. This makes me extremely proud to say I’m from Canada, and makes me feel honoured to know I am working towards a degree which I am extremely passionate about, that women from 70-80 years ago fought so hard for girls like me to be able to achieve.


These are just some of the reasons why to me Canada is the best place on earth. We are not only a land of promise, but a land of action. We fight for what we believe is right, and do not allow other countries to pressure us into foreign affairs we do not feel comfortable participating in. We are blessed to live in a democracy, which we have the right to vote and have a say regardless of our gender. Living in this amazing country has taught me to be so grateful for the little things that so many are not fortunate to have. We are blessed with falling asleep at night not having to worry about war activities going on outside our house, we have roofs over our heads, electricity, clean drinking water, ect. Canada to me is and always will be a place I am proud to call home.

I think thats pretty great, Eh?

Miss Teenage Southern British Columbia xx

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