Every girl has that princess like feature somewhere within them, and if you ever thought or dreamt of becoming a model, there are chances out there which allow you to not just dream it but live it! The chance is here.


This is the sister competition to the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant and is a pageant I would recommend for you to join if you carry the passion for modeling! Modeling is usually considered walking on the runway, with a fierce face, wearing a designer dress, with heels, and cameras flashing at your face. To be honest, that was me too! Though, my whole perspective on pageants and the stereotype on pageants broke very soon after I joined my first pageant, The Miss Teenage Canada pageant! Being a model is having confidence in yourself. When you see a model walking down the runway with that fierce or smiling face, that proves the amount of confidence she has in herself. Over confidence is never good. Too much of anything is never good, but they have that confidence to be role model. Something else I love about pageants and something you can expect from this competition is gaining friendship. All of your other “competitors” are support factors and encourage each other. There was not one day where I felt, or I made anyone feel like I am superior. Everyone is so selfless and pageantry gives you a strong sisterhood. They are all sisters who you can count on and will last a lifetime.

The Top Model Search Canada opens up opportunities to 40 potential models who are nationally selected. Besides gaining confidence, inspiration, and friends this competition allows you to travel out of the country, representing your country! Places in Asia, Europe, and South America! You are sent to international competition franchises and modeling opportunities around the world. Models have been taken to Brazil, Poland, Korea, Spain and so much more! You receive a series of photo-shoots with well known photographers and will be able to build a portfolio with the help of your own personal agent! You will improve as a model, on the runway, in front of the camera and other areas. You will be featured in magazines, have TV and red carpet appearances. You will also receive $15,000 as a prize including cash and gifts!

There are some physical and mental requirements. The competition looks for girls who have a personality, drive, intelligence, inner beauty, outer beauty, and of course enjoys performing on stage! You need to be between 17-26 years and have to be 5’7 or over to apply. You do not need any professional photos or any experience in modeling! It’s truly an experience you will keep with you for the rest of your life. Just like how I am carrying my Miss Teenage Canada experience forever.

You can apply now!! Email apply@topmodelsearchcanada.com and take to first step to achieving your dreams! You can also find more information on their Facebook page:
Or their website:

“The biggest adventure you take is to live the life of your dreams”
-Oprah Winfrey

I suggest you take on that adventure now, and do what you’ve dreamt of doing!!

Good Luck ❤



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